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The more mobile a child becomes, the more they expand their knowledge through all of their senses.

Our program has been designed for the parent/caregiver and child team to grow together through physical and sensory stimulation in a custom-designed environment.
Ratio of eight children to one instructor
Classes are 30 minutes long
Parent / Caregiver and baby will continue sensory and movement activities but the focus of this class will be on getting baby moving! Baby exercises and fundamental movement patterns are explored. Have a blast helping your child take those ever important first steps in a safe, fun, educational environment.
Ages 6 months to walking
Fall Term: Monday September 11 to Friday December 22
Fall Pricing:

$49 per month OR

13 week term (Saturday): $162.50

14 week term (Monday, Sunday): $175.00

15 week term (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday): $187.50

All prices are subject to GST


We offer free classes for children under 7 months and who are not yet crawling. Please look specifically for the Tip n’ Tumbles < 7 months.


Children must still pay the $30.00 membership fee.

Birthday Parties!

Come celebrate your child’s birthday at TumbleTown!


Fall Schedule & Online Registration