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Our School Aged programs are designed to give children 5 to 8 years old the opportunity to experience gymnastics in a fun and encouraging environment.

These classes promote physical fitness and allow students to achieve new skills by focusing on their strengths while encouraging development of their weaker areas. Your child will gain confidence in their body, increase their self-esteem, and improve their health and fitness all while having fun!
Classes are 55 minutes long
Students must be in Kindergarten or Grade 1. Students will work through movement circuits and skill-based stations to develop fundamental movement patterns and basic body positions and skills.
Ages 5 & 6 years
Winter Term: Tuesday January 2nd – Thursday March 29th
Spring Term: Tuesday April 3rd – Friday June 29th
Winter and Spring Pricing:

$99 per month OR

11 week term (Monday): $275.00

12 week term (Saturday, Sunday): $300.00

13 week term (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday): $325.00

All prices are subject to GST

Children must still pay the $30.00 membership fee.

Private Lessons!

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Winter Schedule & Online Registration

Tuesday January 2nd – Thursday March 29th

Spring Schedule & Online Registration

Tuesday April 3rd – Friday June 29th