Help us end Bullying on Pink Shirt Day!

It is estimated that around 47 percent of parents in Canada have a child who has been a victim of bullying. There is no doubt that bullying is a problem, and the Tumble Town Movement Education Centre is taking this head on by celebrating Pink Shirt Day.

A Closer Look at Pink Shirt Day

Pink Shirt Day is an active collaboration with kids, parents, and all those who seek to empower children to stand up against bullying and find better ways to express themselves.

The Pink Shirt Day has launched successful social media campaigns, such as the #PinkShirtPromise campaign where parents and children posted positive messages. This is done to educate and promote a message of compassion.

The Fight is Real

Many people are leading the fight against bullying and sometimes it is hard. Take Blair France, who is a mother of three children. She experienced bullying first-hand after moving into a housing complex. Not long after moving in, her children were bullied by some kids in the complex.

She took it upon herself to host a BBQ with all the neighbors to try to spark up a conversation to hopefully bridge the gap and deal with bullying. The get-together was great, but the issues did not stop, and she was forced to move. Still, she holds no grudges and understands that communication is the first step in fighting bullying. Her spirit is the perfect example of what Pink Shirt Day is all about.

How to Talk About Bullying and Deal With it

A parent should always approach bullying in an honest manner. Children should, of course, be taught that bullying is not okay and will not be tolerated in your household.

Parents who have a child who is being bullied should open up the dialogue. Talk about how your child feels and express that it is okay to feel angry or want vengeance. These are natural feelings, but they are also not constructive.

Parents can suggest things like the buddy system, which usually helps deter bullies. It is also a good idea to encourage a child to walk with confidence because bullies like to target people who seem vulnerable.

Of course, these are just a few ideas that may help, but keep in mind the biggest way to help is to show that you care and support your child. Supporting and joining Pink Shirt Day is all about showing your family that you take a stand against bullying.

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